Waters Edge Dundee

Waters Edge Dundee: This old dockside shed was used for short-term storage of cargo in transit. It was transformed into grade A commercial office space which opened in June 2019.

How did they make their fortune?

This area of Dundee around Victoria and Camperdown Dock was formerly part of the city’s docks. Since redevelopment there are two zones by the waterfront are new residential buildings with views across the River Tay. Some of the original buildings further inland have been converted into mixed use with offices, retail, restaurants and even dentists.

Elevated of Waters Edge Dundee before redevelopment

Elevated view from Dundee Law July 2007. The derelict building is in centre of photo below the cranes. In this photo from you can also see the derelict Bell Mill before its extreme make over into the Hotel Indigo.

Waters Edge Dundee by night

Entrance at blue hour. The new addition to the original building houses the air conditioning units and a handy place to put a large sign.

Waters Edge Dundee reflected in Camperdown dock Dundee

The offices reflected in Camperdown Dock Dundee. There are plans for a marina in this dock.

The new offices viewed from Dundee Law.

Waters Edge dundee reflected in Camperdown dock by night

The building reflected in Camperdown dock by night Dundee

You can see the former warehouse in this scrolling panorama created from an photograph taken from Dundee Law in July 2006. You can also see the old cranes at the Port of Dundee and the derelict mill that became the Hotel Indigo.

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