Waterfront Place Dundee

Waterfront Place Dundee opened in three stages in 2021. First the urban beach, then the fountains + cycle hub and finally the Tay Whale artwork.

Tay Whale reflected Waterfront Place Dundee

The Tay Whale reflected in Waterfront Place Dundee. It was designed by Lee Simmons and took five months to make. The whale is 36 metres long, weighs 22 tonnes and has over 2,500 separate parts.

Shadow of Tay Whale Waterfront Place Dundee

The shadow of the Tay Whale. It is made from 2,000 metres of marine-grade tubular stainless steel.

Tay Whale and fountains at sunset Waterfront Place Dundee

Waterfront Place looks even better at dusk, with a colourful sky to compliment the illuminated fountains.

Tay Whale by moonlight Waterfront Place Dundee

A full moon over the whale, the vertical metal below represents seaweed you can hear a sound scape as you wander through it.

The soundscape starts with seagulls and the sounds of whaling and ends in whale song and music.

the fountains without the whale before it arrived.

The fountains before the whale arrived. It is supported by three abstract metal palm trees.

Lifting the Tay Whale - Waterfront Place Dundee

Timelapses of lifting the Tay Whale into place on 19th October 2021

waterfront place fountains by night

The fountains look their best by night. As lights illuminate the water with different colours.

The fountains by night before the whale arrived.

Fountains and Ferris Wheel in Slessor Gardens

Long exposure of the fountains and a ferris wheel in Slessor Gardens.

Dundee Photo Walks

Severe overnight frosts caused ice to form around the fountains which was then covered in snow December 2022

Waterfront Place Dundee in winter

Footage of Waterfront Place in winter December 2022

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