Wallace Craigie Works Dundee

Wallace Craigie Works Dundee or William Halley Mill Dundee was a derelict jute mill on the corner of Wallace Street and Broughty Ferry Road. You can still see it on Google Earth. They need to update the Dundee satellite photos more frequently, they just can’t keep up.

It was built in 1837 and closed in 2004. This building had a prominent elevated position overlooking Camperdown Dock. But instead of being developed into a hotel like the Hotel Indigo or offices like Watersedge.

It was demolished in controversial circumstances over a weekend in May 2018.

Derelict Wallace Craigie Works Dundee aka William Halleys + sons mill

The derelict mill in 2016 with its solid stone walls but with no windows and holes in roof.

Derelict Wallace Craigie Works Dundee (William Halleys + sons mill)

A tragic example of part of Dundee’s industrial heritage that was lost. This photo was taken the evening before it was demolished I just happened to be walking past and took a photo.

Demolition of William Halleys + Sons mill Wallace Craigie Works Dundee

I witnessed the latter stages of the demolition from Camperdown Dock. A long reach excavator removing the roof with a metal girder. A spectacular but sad sight. Scroll down to see the timelapse.

Demolition of William Halleys + Sons mill Wallace Craigie Works Dundee

A local demolition company demolished the Alexander Street multis and Tayside House but a company from the central belt was chosen for this job.

Timelapse of the demolition viewed from City Quay.

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