The Dundee Railway Tour

The Dundee Railway Tour

Join us for the Dundee Railway Tour with your friendly and knowledgeable guide, the local photographer Stephen Finn (as seen on LinkedIn).

This guided walk is about how the railways changed Dundee.

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The Dundee Railway Tour

The History of Dundee’s Railways

Learn about stations, tunnels, bridges. Why some are gone and others are in use today.

The railways brought people, trade and land to Dundee.

Land? Yes some railway lines were built on embankments across the mud flats of the River Tay. Hear how this led to the big stink.

The Dundee Railway Tour
The Dundee Railway Tour

The Dundee to Newtyle Railway

This unusual railway featured steep inclines such as this one now a grass verge on the side of Drummond Steet and even a tunnel through Dundee Law.

Hear about why they choose this route.

Dundee East Station

Dundee East Station

At this station Dundonians boarded trains to Forfar and Abroath. Hear how the building of this railway led to the big stink.

A car showroom now occupies its site.

Dundee East Station

Dundee West Station

Right beside the current station was Dundee West where you could catch a train to Perth and beyond.

There were three different stations on this site each grander than the next. Why was it demolished?

Tay Bridge Station

Trains leaving from this station crossed the new Tay Rail Bridge. Learn why the main platforms are curved and why this station is in use today and the others were lost.

The Tay Rail Bridge Disaster

The Tay Rail Bridge Disaster

On the 28th of December 1879 the original Tay Rail bridge failed during a storm with the lost of 59 lives.

Hear about what caused this disaster and what lessons were learnt.


The New Dundee Railway Station

The New Dundee Railway Station

During Dundee waterfront’s redevelopment the entrance to Dundee Railway Station was transformed.

Hear how did they demolished and then built a new railway station and hotel above the busy east coast mainline.

The New Dundee Railway Station

The Dundee Railway Tour

Enjoyed your tour, we would love if you could.


Many thanks ☺️

FAQ about The Dundee Railway Tour

Is this a history tour?

Yes learn the history of the railways in Dundee from the 1830s to the present day.

How long are the tours?

This linear walking tour is about 1.1 miles or 1.7 km though it is not circular.

The duration of the tours will be about 60 minutes.

How do I book?

Through Eventbrite

What should we wear?

Dress like an onion. In layers, with warm waterproof clothing. Don’t forget comfortable footwear, hats and gloves. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

The route is lovely when the sun is out, in horizontal rain, not so much.

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