The Dundee Netwalking Tour

Combining netwalking with a guided tour of Dundee

The Dundee Netwalking Tour

Want to try something different for your next networking or team building event?

Join me for a gentle stroll through Dundee’s waterfront to hear about some of Dundee’s points of interest and your attendees can chat between the stops.

what is netwalking

What is netwalking?

Netwalking is networking while walking. It’s a chance to get some fresh air and exercise while you are networking with other local businesses.

Instead of networking sitting down over a coffee or even worse staring at a screen.

Why not stretch your legs?

what is netwalking
the dundee netwalking tour

The Tour

Hear about

  • Waterfront Place
  • Tay Road Bridge
  • The Eden Project
  • HMS Unicorn
  • Slessor Gardens
  • The V&A Design Museum
The Dundee netwalking tour

The Dundee Netwalking Tour

The route is flexible so if you wish to hear about other points of interest in Dundee do let me know.

The Dundee netwalking tour
The dundee netwalking tour

Photos also available

As I am also a professional photographer I can take photographs of attendees at various points of interest for your social media or company page.

What attendees though of my netwalking tour

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FAQ about The Dundee Netwalking Tour

How do I book?

Contact me via LinkedIn or by e-mail

How long are the tours?

The walking tour loop is about 1.5 miles 2.4 km

The duration of the tour is 90 minutes.

Is there flexibility in the route?

Yes I can design other routes depending on the amount of time available and their interests.

Do you talk about the Port of Dundee, Tay Rail Bridge, Dundee Railway Station and RRS Discovery?

Not on this route but I can design a new route as long as the points of interest aren’t too close together.

Why netwalking?

Ever been to a sit down event and been stuck beside someone who you really didn’t want to talk to? Netwalking is much more fluid attendees are much more to mingle.

What should we wear?

Dress like an onion. In layers, with warm waterproof clothing. Don’t forget comfortable footwear, hats and gloves. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

 The route is lovely when the sun is out, in horizontal rain, not so much.

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