the dundee maritime tour

The Dundee Maritime Tour

Join us for the Dundee Maritime Tour with your friendly and knowledgeable guide, the local photographer Stephen Finn (as seen on LinkedIn).

On this guided walk you will hear about the RRS Discovery, the HMS Unicorn, North Carr Lightship plus much more. Please note this tour does not include entry to any of the vessels or the working Port of Dundee.

the dundee maritime tour

Dundee’s Maritime Heritage

Dundee has a rich maritime heritage with not only three iconic vessels the RRS Discovery, the HMS Unicorn, North Carr Lightship but also historic docks and a working port.

Hear about which docks were lost, which docks remain and what vessels visit the current Port of Dundee.

the dundee maritime tour
the dundee maritime tour

RRS Discovery

This sturdy wooden ship was built in Dundee and launched in 1901. She was used for three expeditions to Antarctica, but her first voyage with Scott and Shackleton is her most famous.

She is one of only two remaining vessels used for polar exploration left in the world. The other is the Fram in Oslo.

the dundee maritime tour

HMS Unicorn

The Unicorn celebrated the 200th anniversary of her launch in 2024 making her the sixth oldest ship in the world and the third oldest ship still afloat. Hear about how this warship was built, how she survived, and what life would have been like onboard.

the dundee maritime tour
the dundee maritime tour

The North Carr Lightship

Also in Dundee is the last Scottish lightship left. Hear about how she worked, what it was like onboard, and the tragedy linked to this ship on one stormy night in December 1959.

Dundee Maritime Tour

The Docks that have gone

The old docks may have been filled in on this side of the bridge but there are still remnants such as the Telford Beacon. Hear about the former Earl Grey Dock, King William IV Dock and tidal harbour. The beacon and the former docks viewed from the carriageway of the Tay Road Bridge.

Dundee Maritime Tour
the dundee maritime tour

The docks that remain

Learn about Victoria Dock, Camperdown Dock and East Graving Dock. Hear about how a graving dock worked what it was used for and what exciting plans there are for this one. Plus future plans for the docks. The view from a room on the top floor of the Apex Hotel.

The current Port of Dundee

The old docks may be gone or sitting idle but the Port of Dundee is still a bustling place attracting cargo ships, cruise liners and jackup drilling rigs. Hear how jackup rigs work and what’s it like on board.

The Dundee Maritime Tour

Enjoyed your tour, we would love if you could.


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FAQ about The Dundee Maritime Tour

Is this a history tour?

Yes learn about three iconic vessels and Dundee’s maritime history from the 1830s to the present day.

How long are the tours?

This linear walking tour is about 1.1 miles or 1.7 km though it is not circular.

The duration of the tours will be between 60 – 70 minutes.

How do I book?

Through Eventbrite

What should we wear?

Dress like an onion. In layers, with warm waterproof clothing. Don’t forget comfortable footwear, hats and gloves. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

The route is lovely when the sun is out, in horizontal rain, not so much.

A very busy day at the Port of Dundee in August 2023, A cruise ship, 4 jackup rigs and a giant floating crane the Blue Tern.

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