Tayside House Dundee

Tayside House Dundee was completed in 1975 as office space for Tayside Regional Council and later Dundee City Council. It was not a popular building and was nicknamed Fawlty Towers. Supposedly it had great views especially as it was one of the few places in Dundee where you couldn’t see it when looking out its windows.

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This elevated walkway linked Tayside House with the Olympia Swimming Pool was added in the 1980s allowing pedestrians to cross some very busy roads.

Tayside House and Dundee waterfront

Tayside House Dundee had a square footprint so from some angles it appeared even wider. You can also see the Olympia Swimming pool and the Hilton Hotel. By the end of 2013 all three buildings had been demolished.

Tayside House during demolition

Unlike the Alexander Street multis, Tayside House didn’t go out with a bang. It was a much slower process, the first phase involved a lot of scaffolding. In this photo from January 2013 the Hilton Hotel and Olympia Swimming Pool are still open. Yes that is snow on the top of Dundee Law.

Tayside House Dundee and the muncher

The second phase was much more dramatic involving this magnificent machine. This photo was taken on the 26th of June 2013 one of the few photos I have of its dramatic demise. The rubble for Tayside House and the Alexander Street multis wasn’t wasted.

The demolition of the four Alexander street multis on the 31st July 2011. Viewed from City Quay notice you see the explosions before you hear the demolition charges.

In reality they couldn’t demolish Tayside House using explosives but in a virtual world I can use as much as I want.

Tayside House + the four Alexander Street multis really dominated the Dundee Waterfront in 2006.

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