Tay Road Bridge

Tay Road Bridge when this bridge opened in 1966 at 2,250 metres long it was the longest road bridge in Europe.

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For a week in the spring and autumn the sun rises between the supports of the bridge

Some timelapses of the bridge at sunrise.

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The bridge slopes upwards towards Fife at a gradient of 1:81 (1.2% gradient) you won’t notice it in a car but you will if you cycle to Fife.

Elevated view of Tay Road Bridge

Elevated view of Traffic on the bridge

Elevated view of Tay Road Bridge by night

Long exposure of the bridge viewed from Fife.

If the bridge had been built near to the site of Tesco Riverside, would the city centre look different? Would the docks and Royal Arch remain?

Timelapses of traffic crossing the bridge.

Vintage vehicles parked in Fife car park for 60th anniversay celebration

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the bridge vintage vehicles drove across the bridge.

vintage vehicles about to cross Tay Road Bridge during 60th anniversay celebration

After they left the car park and round this roundabout they crossed the bridge.

Motorbikes crossing during 60th anniversay celebration

Mopeds crossing during 60th anniversary celebrations.

Mopeds crossing during 60th anniversay celebration

Motorbikes crossing the bridge during 60th anniversary celebrations.

The Dundee Kiltwalk from St Andrews to Monifieth crosses the bridge.

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