Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Railway Station

The Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Railway Station opened in June 2018 in plenty of  time for the opening of the V&A Design Museum in September. It was the first hotel to be built as part of a railway station in over century.

Old Dundee Railway Station and elevated walkway February 2006

The previous Dundee Railway Station and an elevated walkway  (Not a great photo from February 2006 prior to my first DSLR)

Exterior of old Dundee Railway Station

The building was built in the rectangular box style also seen in Tayside House, the Hilton Hotel and Olympia Swimming pool.

Though one advantage of the old station was you could take a taxi from just outside the entrance. Photo from February 2009 look out for the snow.

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee Railway Station viewed from Malmaison Hotel

Whereas the new station has a lot more curves, the building has not only an arch but also its footprint is curved This view is from the Malmaison Hotel across the road. Incidently the platform underneath also curves away from the river.

A complilation of timelapses showing the exterior and the staircase lighting.

The curved corridor Sleeperz Hotel Dundee

A curved building means a curved corridor, a rather strange experience, I am walking in a circle?

Bedroom in Sleeperz Hotel Dundee

One of the bedrooms in Sleeperz Hotel. Nice to see bunk beds instead of sofa bed for the children

The corner rooms of the hotel have an amazing view of the V&A Design Museum.

Bar of Sleeperz Hotel Dundee

The lounge/bar area of the hotel

Bar of Sleeperz Hotel Dundee

The bar area of the Sleeperz Hotel

Timelapse of traffic passing station.

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