RRS Discovery Dundee

RRS Discovery Dundee: She was built in Dundee in 1901. After many adventures she has been a unique tourist attraction in Dundee since 1993.

Within the octagonal building of Discovery Quay are numerous exhibits regarding polar exploration and the building and adventures of the RRS Discovery. The main attraction is the ship herself one of only two surviving purpose built vessels for polar exploration left in the world.

RRS Discovery and Olympia Swimming pool October 2005

RRS Discovery and Olympia Swimming pool October 2005

The ship all alone at sunrise

The RRS Discovery all alone after the demolition of the Olympia Swimming pool February 2015.

The Discovery during rigging renovation work in November 2016

the ship without rigging and V&A Design Museum

The ship without rigging and it’s new neighbour the V&A Design Museum without cladding March 2017.

An usual sight a scale model of the RRS Discovery sailing by the V&A Design Museum.

The Discovery Dome - RRS Discovery Dundee

Discovery Dome - giant globe

The Discovery Dome is a new exhibit that opened in October 2022 features a giant revolving globe suspended from the dome with views of Antarctica.

Dundee West Railway Station

The main attraction is a computer generated film of Dundee in 1901 the year the Discovery was launched projected onto the sides of the dome. Dundee West Railway station with its clocktower was demolished in 1966. The Mathers Hotel (now Malmaison Hotel) to the right of the station still remains.

A short film to Whet your appetite for a visit to the Discovery Dome.

Discovery Dome Dundee - Royal Arch

Look out for the Royal Arch as it would have appeared in 1901

Discovery Dome Dundee - blue staircase

After the film of Dundee in 1901 and then seeing present day Dundee visitors descend a blue spiral staircase which was inspired by an ice core.

The lighting changes through the year with red in November for the poppies of remembrance day.

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