Olympia Swimming Pool Dundee

The Olympia swimming pool Dundee opened in July 1975 and closed in July 2013. It was built on reclaimed land created when the docks were filled during the construction of the Tay Road Bridge. The swimming pool was refurbished and reopened in 1991 with 4 pools: a main pool with waves, diving pool, childrens pool, 25-metre training pool  and water slides.

Olympia Leisure Centre Dundee reflected in Craig Harbour Dundee December 2005

Olympia Swimming pool reflected in Craig Harbour December 2005. RRS Discovery is just out of frame on the right of this photo.

Waterslides of Olympia Leisure Centre Dundee August 2006

The waterslides of Olympia Swimming Pool were external so you could walk underneath them as you strolled along the waterfront. (Photo August 2006)

Olympia Swimming Pool and Hilton Hotel from Tay Road Bridge August 2007

Olympia and Hilton Hotel viewed from Tay Road Bridge. The redevelopment of this area in the 1960s was a lot more car centric. The pool could be accessed by an elevated walkway above the urban motorway leading to the Tay Road Bridge.

There were also several car parks in this area of reclaimed land, so you could say/sing.

🎵 They filled in the dock, and put up a parking lot. 🎵

The future Malmaison Hotel can be just seen peeking out from behind the Hilton Hotel. It was still a derelict shell of a builing in August 2007.

Quite a few changes in this scrolling panorama created from a photo taken in 2006 with only the RRS Discovery remaining.

Rubble on the sites of Olympia Swimming Pool and Hilton Hotel February 2014

Unfortunately these two buildings were in a prime location so they were demolished. A view from the Tay Road Bridge after their demolition, with piles of rubble on the sites of Olympia Swimming Pool and Hilton Hotel February 2014

A closer view of the demolition.

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