9 - Old Crane Port of Dundee

Do you remember these old crane at Port of Dundee?

There were at least six of these cranes on the quayside, two in the section of the port that became City Quay and another four further east at the Port of Dundee. It is shame that they were removed as they would have given character to the area as a reminder of City Quay’s maritime heritage.

old cranes at Port of Dundee

Old cranes Port of Dundee now City Quay. This view looks quite different now with residential buildings in the foreground and jackup drill rigs and other vessels at the part of the port still in use.

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Looking up at one of the cranes. The tour passes by the former site of this crane.

old crane from the Port of Dundee

A closer view

Elevated view of old cranes from the Port of Dundee

Elevated view from Dundee Law of old cranes at Port of Dundee and the different phases of the residential development.

There was quite a collection of cranes at the Port of Dundee as seen in this scrolling panorama created from an image taken from Dundee Law in July 2006. You can also see the derelict buildings that became the Hotel Indigo and Waters Edge

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