Malmaison Hotel Dundee

 Malmaison Hotel Dundee opened in February 2014 after nearly two years of refurbishment. The Grade B-listed building was originally called the Mathers Hotel and was built in 1899.

It had lain empty for 15 years so a lot of work was needed such as replacing the windows and timber shutters, refurbishing the feature staircase and cupola. As well as repairing the stone work and replacing slates.

Derelict Tay Hotel Dundee

A photo of the derelict hotel and Tayside house from the Tay Road Bridge taken August 2006

If you look closely you can see the name of another hotel, the elevated walkway to the Olympia Swimming Pool and an area of grass that was popular with daytime drinkers.

Exterior view of Malmaison Hotel Dundee from Sleeperz Hotel

Exterior view of Malmaison Hotel Dundee from Sleeperz Hotel. You can also see Caird Hall and the spire of St Pauls Cathedral to the right of the hotel.

View of V&A Museum Dundee

The view from a suite on the top floor. Since the hotel opened in 2014 the view has constantly changed as buildings such as the V&A Design Museum.

Anes husband house dundee and V&A Design Museum

Agnes Husband House

View of RRS Discovery and Sleeperz Hotel Dundee

and Sleeperz Hotel/ Dundee Railway Station were built during the redevelopment of the surrounding area.

Timelapse of traffic passing this Dundee hotel

restored interior staircase

One feature of the original hotel which was restored was this staircase.

Staircase and cupola

and also this cupola

Original initials of Mathers Hotel in the restored staircase

Look closely at the restored staircase to see the original initials of Mathers Hotel (M and H) conincidently the same initials as the Malmaison Hotel.

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