Is Dundee Walkable?

Absolutely yes, Dundee is walkable. It is a small city situated on the north shore of the Tay Estuary in north east Scotland. Much of the city centre has been reclaimed from the River Tay so it is very flat. As well the attractions listed below there are numerous hotels, shops and restaurants in the city centre.

Below is a list of ten attractions and their distance from Dundee Railway Station.

is dundee walkable

V&A Design Museum (2 minutes walk)

This iconic waterfront museum opened in 2018 it has main galleries the Scottish Design Galleries which is free and a temporary exhibition space which there is a charge for.

Designed by Keno Kuma it really is a unique structure with no vertical external walls they all slope outwards it is also surrounded by over 8,000 linear metres of concrete cladding. Even if you have little interest in the exhibitions it is worth visiting to see more the interior and exterior of this amazing building.

RRS Discovery (2 minutes walk)

The Discovery is one of only two vessels built for polar exploration still in existence (The other is the Fram in Oslo) If you are interested in polar exploration the RRS Discovery is a must see. Built in Dundee in 1901 it transported Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton on their first expedition to the Antarctic.

You can explore the ship and there are numerous exhibits in the adjacent museum. A recent addition is the Discovery Dome which features an computer generated audiovisual display of Dundee in 1901 with a view of present day Dundee at the end.


Waterfront Place (5 minutes 0.2 miles)

This new park by the shore of the Tay features

  • An urban beach
  • Seasonal fountains which are lit up at night
  • A giant stainless steel artwork of a humpbacked whale
  • and a cycle hub/cafe

The Tay whale was designed by Andy Simmons it is 36 metres long and has about 2,500 separate parts.

Dundee a city for walking

HMS Unicorn (13 minutes 0.6 miles)

If you are interested in naval history the HMS Unicorn is the most original old ship in the world. She is a 46-gun frigate and was built at the Chatham Royal Dockyard and launched in 1824.

The HMS Unicorn arrived in Dundee in 1873 as a training ship for the Royal Naval Reserves. She has never fired a gun in war and never moved by herself as she never had sails or rigging. They would be added if she was needed for a naval battle.

Dundee is famous for jute

Verdant Works (17 minutes 0.7 miles)

A restored former jute mill celebrating the age of jute. Textile manufacture was once a major industry in Dundee in particular jute which can be made into sacks.

This museum shows how these textile mills worked and includes working machinery. A fascinating glimpse into Dundee’s industrial heritage. This museum is one of the points of interest furthest from the train station and it’s still less than a mile.

Still not convinced Dundee is walkable?

Here are five more attractions

McManus Galleries (11 minutes 0.5 miles)

This free museum and art gallery has something for everyone with an eclectic mix of natural history, Dundee artefacts, and obviously art. Look out for a whale skeleton, ZX Spectrum computers and carved Pictish stones.

Dundee Science Centre (6 minutes 0.3 miles)

A hand-ons science museum for children of all ages with the highlight being the medical marvels exhibition.

Slessor Gardens Dundee

Slessor Gardens (4 minutes 0.2 miles)

This large open space just over one hectare in size between Caird Hall and the River Tay hosts concerts in the summer it is surrounded on two sides by pocket gardens with shrubs and seating.

This park is named after Mary Mitchell Slessor who was a Scottish Presbyterian missionary in Nigeria. Whilst in Africa she spread Christianity, promoted women’s rights and protected children.

Tay Road Bridge

Tay Road Bridge (7 minutes 0.3 miles)

This Road Bridge links Dundee to Northern Fife across the Tay Estuary and offers some great views from its pedestrian walkway. Dundee Waterfront in one direction and vessels and possibly jackup drilling rigs at the Port of Dundee in the other direction.

Tay Rail Bridge at sunset

Tay Rail Bridge (23 minutes 1 mile)

The second railway bridge across the River Tay. You can still see the remnants of the original bridge which collapsed during a storm on the 28th of December 1879. A popular spot for photographers especially for mid-winter sunsets on calm evenings as shown above.

So I think that answered the question

Is Dundee Walkable?

With ten points of interest less than a mile from the city centre, I would say that a big YES. If you enjoy walking and want to know more about the city of Dundee why not join me for a guided walking tour.

There are four tours to choose from:

The Dundee Railway Tour

Hear about how the arrival of railways changed Dundee. Four stations, two tunnels, two bridges and a lot of land

The Dundee Gaming Tour

Despite it’s many valuable contributions to the computer gaming industry.
Dundee does not have a gaming museum but it does have tour. Hear about ZX Spectrums, Lemmings, GTA and Minecraft which all have strong links to Dundee.

The Dundee 2.0 Tour

This guided walk is full of fun facts and amusing anecdotes about the ever changing Dundee waterfront. What’s gone, What’s been done + what’s yet to come.

The Dundee 3E Tour – Energy, Engineering + Exploration

Let’s talk about Jackup rigs + offshore windfarms, how they built the Tay Road Bridge + V&A Museum and Dundee Railway Station, and  the adventures of the RRS Discovery.

Dundee Photo Walks