Hotel Indigo Dundee

The Hotel Indigo Dundee: a great example of part of Dundee’s industrial heritage that was saved. Dundee has lost many buildings over the years this is one of the success stories where a 19th century Category A listed mill was given a new lease of life as a hotel.

It’s actually a trick question.

Hotel Indigo clad in scaffolding during construction

Bell Mill clad in scaffolding during refurbishment in August 2017.

The Dundee 2.0 Tour

Distant view showing the four mills that were refurbished into the Hotel Indigo and Staybridge Suites Dundee.

Internal courtyard and Staybridge Suites viewed from Hotel Indigo Dundee

Internal courtyard and Staybridge Suites viewed from the Hotel.

Daisy Tasker restaurant Dundee

The exterior of the Daisy Tasker restaurant. 

What originally was going to be named after her?

Thankfully they changed their mind and realised it would be a great name for the restaurant at the hotel.

The hotel viewed from Dundee Law

Lobby of Hotel Indigo Dundee

Lobby of Hotel Indigo Dundee

Lobby of Hotel Indigo Dundee

Lobby of the Hotel Indigo

Bedroom in Hotel Indigo Dundee

Interior of one of the suites in the hotel. The hotel has three room designs are inspired by Dundee’s past and present. The Dundee Cake room has a discreet marmalade motifs around the room and jute curtains. The Comic room is inspired by DC Thompson’s comic strip character called “Black Bob” a Border Collie sheep dog from the Scottish Borders.

Bedroom with brick vaulted ceiling in Hotel Indigo Dundee

The Gaming room reflects Dundee’s computer game industry. Grand Theft Auto was created in Dundee. Secret gaming codes are hidden within the dado rail, and there are books about Dundee’s role in the video game industry. Many of the bedroom have brick vaulted ceilings.

You can see the former mill in this scrolling panorama created from an photograph taken from Dundee Law in July 2006. You can also see the old cranes at the Port of Dundee and the derelict warehouse that became Waters Edge.

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