Hilton Hotel Dundee

The Hilton Hotel Dundee was built in 1987 on reclaimed land. This land was created when the docks were filled during the construction of the Tay Road Bridge. It occupied a prominent waterfront site in Dundee from 1987 to 2013.

For the first 13 years it had a different name.

But why wasn’t it an accurate name for the hotel?

This 129-bedroom hotel also had a leisure club but it was best known to locals for its function suite as a wedding venue as they could cater for 400 people.

stackis earl grey dundee and Tayside House Dundee August 2006

The hotel and Tayside House not the most attractive architecture. If you look closely the side of the hotel closest to Tayside House looks different, but why?

Quite a few changes in this scrolling panorama created from a photo taken in 2006 with only the RRS Discovery remaining.

The waterfront in 2006. The hotel, olympia Swimming pool, Tayside house and the Alexander Street multis are all gone now.

stackis earl grey dundee and Tayside House Dundee by night November 2005

Though Hilton Hotel looked slightly better at dusk or by night

Hilton Hotel dundee after demolition

The casino closed in February and the hotel closed in March of  2013 and both were demolished. The site after demolition in November 2013.

Hilton hotel dundee site after demolition

The site of the hotel after demolition viewed from the Tay Road Bridge November 2013

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