Dundee Photo Walks
Dundee Photo Walks

Fairly annoying questions

Is this a history tour?

The Dundee 2.0 Tour is about recent history. The mistakes of the 1960s and 70s and how some of these mistakes have been rectified in the 21st century.

However: The Dundee 3E Tour is about energy, engineering and exploration. Energy: You will discover how they move jackup drill rigs along the River Tay and how they build offshore windfarms. Engineering: The V&A Design museum has no vertical external walls, learn how engineering was used to fulfil the Kengo Kumas design. Learn how Dundee Railway station was constructed over the busy east coast mainline. Exploration: Hear about the RRS Discovery + Endurance.

How long are the tours?

The walking tour loop is about 1.5 miles or 2.4 km. However it is very flat with no steps to climb. The duration of the tours will be about 75 – 90 minutes.

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

No I’m afraid not due to insurance and the tour isn’t really suitable for dogs due its stop start nature.

Does the tour include entry to any of the attractions?

Unfortunately not but I’m happy to suggest free attractions in sunny Dundee.

Is this a light hearted or a serious tour?

Take a wild guess.

How do I book?

Through Eventbrite

Where does it start?

At the V&A Sign. By the bench not actually in the reflecting pool.

What should we wear?

Dress like an onion. In layers, with warm waterproof clothing. Don’t forget comfortable footwear, hats and gloves. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

 The route is lovely when the sun is out, in horizontal rain, not so much.


The tour is through public areas so please respect your guide, fellow visitors and the fine citizens of Dundee. If you turn up off your head or tripping the light fantastic, you won’t be joining the tour. Just to clarify, anyone who is or appears to be under the influence of drink, drugs (or rock n roll) will NOT be allowed to join the tour, and they won’t be getting a refund.

Your safety is important. We want you to survive the tour and write something nice on Trip Advisor. Your guide will do their best to keep you safe from seagull attacks and sand storms. Please follow any advice given, part of the route is a cycleway so fast moving bicycles can be a hazard. Please note you are responsible for your behaviour and the safety of your belongings.

Do you offer private bespoke tours of Dundee’s waterfront?

Yes indeedy just get in touch

Is the tour weather dependent?

The tour must go on, unless a severe weather has been issued. 

Is this a business netwalking event?

No, you are thinking of Walk N Talk. Dundee’s premier netwalking event.

Dundee Photo Walks