Dundee walking tours

Dundee walking tours from local photographer Stephen Finn as seen on LinkedIn creator of Walk N Talk.

Dundee Walking Tours

The Dundee Railway Tour

Hear about how the arrival of the railways changed Dundee in more ways than you can imagine.

Including the Newtyle line and its tunnel through Dundee Law, the expansion of Dundee waterfront, the Tay Rail Bridge disaster, the big knockin doon of the 1960s and finally how they built the new Railway Station.

Starting Saturday 23rd of March 2024

The Dundee Gaming Tour

Dundee doesn’t have a gaming museum but it does have a gaming tour hear about

Dundee’s ZX Spectrum computer factory
How Lemmings was created
Where the Grand Theft Auto franchise began
The story of Minecraft which was ported to the consoles in Dundee.

The Dundee 2.0 Tour

Join your friendly and knowledgeable guide Stephen to explore Dundee’s waterfront. Learn how some of the mistakes of the 1960s + 70s have been rectified during the 21st century in a £1 billion redevelopment.

Discover which buildings were lost, which were saved and other points of interest along the route.

The Dundee 3E Tour

Energy: Why do jackup rigs visit Dundee, and what is it like onboard?

Engineering: Discover how they built the Tay Road Bridge, Dundee Railway Station, V&A Design Museum + more.

Exploration: Hear about the adventures of the RRS Discovery.

The Netwalking Tour

Are you looking for something different as a social event for your workplace or organisation?

A netwalking tour involved stops at points of interest on Dundee’s waterfront with walking where attendees can chat amongst themselves.

Private Guided Tours

Whether you are looking for a private tour for a small group or a netwalking tour for larger groups, I can help.

Are you entertaining corporate clients or friends visiting Dundee?

Why not book a tour with me? I can also take professional photographs during the tour.

Johanna recommends the Dundee 2.0 Tour

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Dave recommends the Dundee 2.0 Tour

Recommendation of Dundee 2.0 Tour

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My Dundee Walking Tours

The Dundee Railway Tour –  Four stations, two tunnels, two bridges and a lot of land. Hear how the railways changed Dundee on a new tour starting in 2024.

The Dundee Gaming Tour – Despite it’s many valuable contributions to the computer gaming industry.
Dundee does not have a gaming museum but it does have tour.

The Dundee 2.0 Tour – This guided walk is full of fun facts and amusing anecdotes about the ever changing Dundee waterfront. What’s gone, What’s been done + what’s yet to come.

The Dundee 3E Tour – Energy, Engineering + Exploration – Let’s talk about Jackup rigs + offshore windfarms, how they built the Tay Road Bridge + V&A Museum and Dundee Railway Station, + why the RRS Discovery was built in Dundee and her adventures.

Netwalking ToursJoin me for a gentle stroll through Dundee’s waterfront to hear about some of Dundee’s points of interest and your attendees can chat between the stops.

Private Tours Discover Dundee’s waterfront on your own personal custom made guided tour / photo shoot of your favourite Dundee landmarks.

What Andrew thought of the Dundee 3E Tour…

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What Robert thought of the Dundee 2.0 Tour…

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