Dundee Photography Tutorial

Do you need a Dundee Photography tutorial?
Do have a fancy camera but don’t know what all the functions do?
Join me Stephen Finn (as seen on LinkedIn) for a photography tutorial in Dundee.

Don’t miss out on a great offer a one hour one2one photography tutorial on Dundee’s waterfront for £50. This offer won’t last long so get in touch today by email to stephengfinn@hotmail.com
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Dundee photography tutorial

Dundee Photography Tutorial

Do you have a DSLR camera but don’t know what all these settings mean, let alone how you can use them to take great photographs?
Join local photographer Stephen, to learn how to turn out of the auto setting and take stunning images.
Do you want to get more out of your camera?

Program (P)

The camera still does a lot of the heavy lifting but you have more control such as choosing the iso setting (the sensitivity of the camera sensor to light)
learn about aperture

Aperture (AV)

Learn how to selective focus on your subject by changing the aperture. This is especially useful to blur out unwanted backgrounds.
Dundee photography tutorial

Exposure (TV)

Learn about the tips and tricks to taking great long exposures by adjusting the exposure from local photographer Stephen who has years of experience.
Dundee photography tutorial
Dundee photography tutorial

Manual (M)

Learn how to adjust both the aperture and exposure to get the best photos.

Bulb (B)

The bulb setting – when 30 seconds just isn’t enough.
This image took 3 minutes. The bulb setting is especially useful for very long exposures of cityscapes reflected in water.
High iso photo of Dundee


Learn how to adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light by adjusting the iso setting on your camera.
Learn when to use high iso and when to use a tripod? Handheld at midnight with an iso setting of 20,000. I didn’t have my tripod with me.
Learn how to improvise to improve your photography

Learn to improvise

Learn how to improvise. Forgotten your tripod?
What can you use instead? This 13 second exposure of the Squiggly Bridge reflected in the River Clyde in Glasgow was taken without a tripod.
Learn how to improvise to improve your photography

Once we have arranged the details of your photography tutorial, to secure your booking you will need to pay the full amount before the tour by PayPal.

Cameras and photographers don’t like rain so if you pick a rainy day we will reschedule you will be contacted the day before if this is the case.

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