Dundee Cardboard Arch

Dundee cardboard Arch: Before the official opening in July 2016, the first event in Slessor Gardens was to build a replica of the Royal Arch out of cardboard boxes.

The original Royal Arch was a sandstone monument built between 1849 – 1853 in Anglo-Norman style to commemorate Queen Victoria’s first visit to Dundee in 1844.

cardboard Arch Dundee

On Saturday 28th May 2016, 1,200 cardboard boxes and a lot of sticky tape were transformed into this impressive structure.

Dundee cardboard Royal Arch

The cardboard arch was 16 metres high and 16 metres wide. It was assembled flat on the ground and then raised up by ropes.

Dundee cardboard Royal Arch

A side view of cardboard arch with a handy person for a scale. The original stone arch would have more solid walls and won’t have been so likely to topple over in a strong breeze. You can see the guide ropes used to raise and lower the arch and keep it upright.

Dundee cardboard Arch

It only stayed up for about 24 hours as on Sunday 29th of May it was lowered and trampled. I hope all that cardboard was recycled.

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