Agnes Husband House Dundee

Agnes Husband House Dundee: During the construction of this office building, it was known as site 6. In March 2019, it was renamed?

In March 2021, the vacant office building was renamed yet again to Agnes Husband House after Miss Agnes Husband. She was born in 1852. In 1901, she was elected as one of the first two women of Dundee Council. In 1905 she was elected to the school board. Agnes fought hard to improve education and help children living in poverty by providing books, meals and nursery education. An apt name for the building as Social Security Scotland had signed a 20-year lease.

Agnes Husband House viewed through archway of V&A Design Museum

Agnes Husband House Dundee viewed through the arch of the V&A Design Museum

Agnes Husband House by night

The office building by night

And how did this bring about my walking tour about Dundee’s redevelopment?

Timelapse of cranes and workers on cherry pickers assembling the steel frame on 27th April 2018.

That’s what 1,066 square metres of office space looks like when its empty and there are five floors the same size. Look closely for two people enjoying the view of the V&A. The whole building has enough office space for 900 people.

V&A Design Museum viewed from Agnes Husband House

The views from Agnes Husband House Dundee are amazing, the view to the south the V&A Design Museum

The view to the west RRS Discovery, Discovery Point, Tay Rail Bridge and Sleeperz Hotel/Dundee Railway Station.

The view to the north, Site 5 in the foreground, Thorntons, and the Malmaison Hotel.

The view to the East, the rest of Site 6 and Slessor Gardens.

Work is due to start on phase 2 of Site 6 in the spring of 2023 so this blank white wall will soon disappear.

Was it in the original plan?

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