About me

About me

I have taken a rather unconventional path to become a tour guide, via biochemistry, photography and netwalking.

Biochemistry brought me north from London to Dundee in 2002. In 2005, I hung up my pipette for the last time and reached for my camera.  After studying biochemistry for over six years (BSc.+ PhD), I didn’t want to retrain. I believed I could earn a living from photography. For over a decade, I produced stock photography. I travelled around taking photos, uploaded them to a stock agency and hoping someone would buy them.

For a few years, I was a jet setter flying to the USA, Europe or Southeast Asia for weeks at a time to increase my portfolio. When we started a family, my trips became shorter and confined to Scotland.

Unfortunately, the stock agency set the prices and their cut. Over the years, the prices my images sold for plummeted, and their share steadily increased. My 65% cut dwindled to 40%. Therefore I started Stephen Finn Photography and decided to try the B2B market instead.  After joining the local chamber of commerce, I networked like crazy. If there was a free event, I was there.

Many events clashed with the school run or required child care to attend so I decided to set up my own event at lunchtime but what kind?

After one event I chatted with a visitor from Aberdeen on a walk from the chamber of commerce to the V&A and realised that was it. These wide pathways with little traffic noise were the perfect route for a chat, who needs a venue or a golf course?

Walk N Talk (the name is inspired by the West Wing) started in May 2019, we met outside the recently opened V&A Design Museum and walked east along the new footpaths towards the Port of Dundee.

There were only for four attendees for the very first netwalk but one of them was Sir Mike Galloway the driving force behind Dundee’s redevelopment so he gave us a bit of a tour and thankfully I wrote some of it down before I forgot.

We walked the same route every time so it was easy to keep track of any changes on the route. I held Walk N Talk twice a month until March 2020 when the Covid pandemic pushed us onto Zoom. But we did return to the waterfront footpaths for netwalking in September 2021.

I started posting photos with some useful information on LinkedIn in January 2018 and my images of jackup drilling rigs proved popular and I was invited for a tour of two of these mighty drilling machines. The photos I took on board are an integral part of the Dundee 3E tour.

Other attendees of Walk N Talk have shared their knowledge which I have weaved into the narrative of my tours, such as the bizarre reason why the cables of the balustrades are now thicker than they used to be.

Once two elderly ladies turned up expecting a guided tour so I gave them a tour. In 2022 I met Mike Duncan from the Federation of Small Businesses for a wander and a chat in Dundee and I ended up giving him a guided tour. At the end of our walk, Mike asked if I’d ever thought about doing a guided tour. This got me thinking and a few months later I had a website, insurance and a street traders licence.

For the first year I just had two tours about redevelopment and engineering and their route is my netwalking route. In my second year I introduced two more tours about gaming and Dundee’s railways.

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