Dundee Photo Walks

Dundee Photo Walks guided walking tours from local photographer Stephen Finn as seen on LinkedIn Tickets from £8.

Dundee Walking Tour

The Dundee Railway Tour

Four stations, 2 tunnels, 2 bridges and a lot of land. How the railways changed Dundee in so many ways.

The Dundee Gaming Tour

Dundee’s ZX Spectrum computer factory. The origin stories of Lemmings + Grand Theft Auto + Minecraft

The Dundee 2.0 Tour

The £1.6 billion make-over, which buildings were lost or saved and with lots of amusing stories along the way.

The Dundee 3E Tour

Energy: Jackups + windfarms. Engineering: Tay Road Bridge, Railway Station, V&A. Exploration: the adventures of the RRS Discovery.

Photography Lessons

Learn how to unleash the full power of your camera with practical photography lessons on Dundee’s waterfront with plenty of photo opportunities.

Private Tours

Entertaining corporate clients or friends? I offer both private tours for small groups or netwalking tours for larger groups.

Dundee Photo Walks from local photographer Stephen Finn creator of Walk N Talk.

The Dundee Railway Tour –  Four stations, two tunnels, two bridges and a lot of land. Hear how the railways changed Dundee on a new tour starting in 2024.

The Dundee Gaming Tour – Despite it’s many valuable contributions to the computer gaming industry.
Dundee does not have a gaming museum but it does have tour.

The Dundee 2.0 Tour – This guided walk is full of fun facts and amusing anecdotes about the ever changing Dundee waterfront. What’s gone, What’s been done + what’s yet to come.

The Dundee 3E Tour – Energy, Engineering + Exploration – Let’s talk about Jackup rigs + offshore windfarms, how they built the Tay Road Bridge + V&A Museum and Dundee Railway Station, + why the RRS Discovery was built in Dundee and her adventures.

Dundee Photography Lessons Learn how to unleash the full power of your camera on Dundee’s waterfront with a photographer with nearly twenty years of experience.

Private Tours Discover Dundee’s waterfront on your own personal custom made guided tour / photo shoot of your favourite Dundee landmarks. Netwalking tours also available.

Dundee Photo Walks